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Looking For a Quality and Trending Furniture for Your Next Business/Project?


YB first began providing companies with quality manufacturing furniture’s in 1983.

Founded by FC yap, and three partners, YBWOODWORK was based upon the commitment to provide customers with high quality manufacturing and outstanding service. This principle was a cornerstone of the new company and, over time, drove YB to improve customer support by aggressively expanding capabilities and service offerings. Because of this bold expansion of services, YB today boasts high quality membrane press furniture with very competitive price over 40+ countries.

As the company continued to grow throughout the nineties, FC yap vision and management initiatives have continued to lead the company into the new millennium. The original goals of the company remain as we continue to seek achievement of high levels of customer satisfaction and continued growth and expansion in the years to come.


Located in Simpang Renggam, Johor YB’s 142,000 square foot corporate headquarters houses a variety of state-of-the furniture making technology, from high tech Membrane press processes to the latest in CNC machining equipment. This facility also is the work place of some of Simpang Renggam’s most talented manufacturing personnel. Our employees are experienced and highly trained and can help guide you with suggestions and input that will help maximize your project’s efficiency, while often lowering costs.


Our employees range from veteran machinists and fabricators to skilled product engineers. This talent, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment gives us an advantage over most manufacturing facilities, which lack the on-site talent to find cost effective solutions to customers needs.

Featured Products

We have huge range of products that will suit your market. And something even more important – We put innovation at the heart of every furniture we make!


We are looking for a potential quality person, then transform this person to be a rich competences person to support company’s performance in the future.

Potential and quality analysis of an individual will not be perfect without the spirit of togetherness among employees. The success of our company is nothing about one man show but a warm and harmonious super team.

Our corporate culture makes employees believe that there is always a solution of all problems. We are no longer see obstacles as a dead end, but a challenge and a stepping stone to reach success and new experiences. Great potential, honed competencies, a warm family and courage to accept the challenge.